Nairobi City County (NCC) has received development assistance from the Government of Japan through its Agency Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) to undertake the study on Nairobi Integrated Urban Development Master Plan (NIUPLAN)

The proposed Master Plan will integrate all the existing Master Plans of various infrastructures within the city of Nairobi and its surrounding. Infrastructure to be included is urban transport, railway, airport, power, water supply, sewerage, telecommunication and solid waste management.

The NIUPLAN is preparation process will be consultative. All stakeholders will have input in all stages of plan making process.

A. Objective

The purpose of NIUPLAN is to provide a guiding framework to manage urban development in Nairobi City County from 2014-2030, integrate all urban development sectors and realize the goals of Kenya Vision 2030 for the city county of Nairobi.

B. Expected Outputs

  • Integrated Urban Development Master plan for the period 2014-2030 (See WorkPlan)
  • An implementation and management program
  • Flagship projects in selected priority areas
  • Policies, rules and guidelines for local developments
  • Technical transfer to the counterparts during the course of the project

C. History of Master Planning in Nairobi
The first Master Plan was developed in 1927 to capitalize on Nairobi’s strategic location as the hub of the Kenya Railway Line. The second Master Plan was implemented in 1948 with the aim of making Nairobi a more attractive for industrial investment. The 1973 Master Plan was developed by the Kenyan Government, World Bank and United Nations in order to formulate a metropolitan growth strategy for the city.
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D. Why do NUIPLAN 2014-2030?

  • To provide spatial order of physical investments.
  • To enhance quality of life for inhabitants
  • To guide investments by providing location criteria
  • Embrace the evolving urban policy regime in integrating social economic environmental and political issues under one unitary framework


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